Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to Remove an Oven Door

This post explains how to remove an oven door. We removed the door in order to replace worn out hinges and the window glass. You might also want to remove the door in order to clean the oven really thoroughly.

Oven Door Removal Step 1.

Open the door fully to reveal the small metal flap on each door hinge.

Oven door hinge open

Oven Door Removal Sep 2.

Lift the metal flap using a screwdriver and rotate it to the fully open position.

Oven Door Removal Step 3.

Partially close the oven door until the Small meta flap causes the hinge to remain blocked open.

door hinge
Note: The original photo taken while removing the door wasn't very good so we used a door hinge which had been removed from the door to illustrate more clearly how the hinge blocks open

Oven Door Removal Step 4.

Lift the door clear of the oven (Upwards and Outwards at 45 degrees)

oven door hinge

Oven Door Removal Step 5

Replacing the door is the reversal of the above process. Once the door has been correctly seated on its hinges make sure that the flaps close fully.

NOTE: The illustrations show the hinges used on Ariston ovens and some other makes. There are other types of hinge but the removal method relies on a similar principle: Open the door fully then block the hinge open in order to lift the door clear of the oven.

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  1. Absolute lifesaver... Many thanks

  2. I've put the door back together and want to refit it to the oven (Ariston) but the metal flaps on the hinges are both closed, and the hinge does not seem to want to open. I'm not sure how to reopen the flaps so that I can refit the door. Could you advise me please?

    1. Hello Anon, thanks for commenting.

      It's normal that the new hinges are harder to open than the old ones. The springs are stronger.

      If you are having difficulty to get them to open I suggest you do the following:

      Get a friend to help you and then;

      Lay the oven door face down on a table (or the floor) with the hinges pointing upwards.

      Get your friend to hold the door still while you grip the protruding hinge firmly with a pair of pliers (large pliers are better).

      Using the pliers you should be able to rotate the hinges to the open position shown in the photo above.

      Once the oven door hinge is open your get your friend to rotate the small tabs to lock the hinges open using a small screwdriver (see photo above). Keep fingers clear while doing this just in case the hinge springs shut - this is why its important that your friend uses a screwdriver to move the small tabs.

      Its normal that the new hinges are quite difficult to open because the new springs are stronger than the old ones - they need to be strong to keep the oven door closed. Normally thehardest part is getting the hinge to start to open.

      Don't worry if the pliers mark the surface of the hinges. Once the doors back in place they will be totally hidden.

      Work slowly and be firm.

      I think the key is to understand how the hinge rotates open. If you are still having trouble I suggest you experiment by opening the old hinges since they will open more easily than the new ones and you will be able to see how the parts move.

      Keep going - you've nearly fixed your oven door.

      Please let me know how you get on and if you are still having trouble I'll try and help some more.

  3. I have a 12 year old Kitchenaid Superba oven microwave combo. I need to replace the glass on inside of oven door. The hinges on my oven doesn't have the latches like you show. I have been researching and can't find anywhere how to get my door off. Is there anyway you might have the answer?

    1. Hi Druann,

      I'm not familiar wIith Kitchenaid Supra microwave ovens I'm afraid. I had a bit of a search online (as I imagine you already have) this is the best that I came up with:

      I found this thread which discuses replacing the door springs and this article is about replacing the oven door.

      To be honest, without seeing the oven I don't know if either of the links going to be of any use to you?

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.